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Contract Law

28 Aug
Agency Relationships and Liability

In many day to day transactions, you may hear the term “agency” or that one person is acting as the “agent” of a company or another person or other entity, known as a “principal”. What does this really...

31 Jul
From Inception to Termination – Mergers & Acquisitions

When Twitter’s board agreed to sell the company for approximately US$44 Billion to Elon Musk, many looked on in shock and there was a feeling in the air that some controversy was bound to erupt. Although Twitter and...

07 Feb
Courting Legal Business Relations

At the beginning of any relationship, it is important to know the other party(ies) involved. While in our small twin island nation where “everybody know everybody” that is fairly easy to achieve in our personal relationships, in our...

08 Nov
‘Tis the Season… for Delays

If you planned to purchase Christmas presents on-line this year, then you might have been warned that you should have done so already, lest those presents do not make it under the tree in time. Supply chain disruptions...

06 Jun
The Secrets to Non-Disclosure Agreements

There have been discussions in the public domain recently on the topic of ‘non-disclosure agreements’. What are these? And when should they be used? Non-disclosure agreements sometimes are referred to as confidentiality agreements or “NDA’s”. An NDA is...

03 May

Dear Valued Clients,Over the past week we have noted with concern the rising number of daily cases and new variants.  We have also noted the appeals of the Prime Minister and our public health authorities to take all...

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18 Dec
M. Hamel-Smith & Co.’s 2020 Legal Year in Review

M. Hamel-Smith & Co. is pleased to share its 2020 Legal Year in Review!Subscribe to our Blog to receive notifications of these posts and to keep abreast of legal news and updates in Trinidad and Tobago! ...

08 Dec
Messy Contracts

2020 has had no shortage of catastrophic and shocking news. For football fanatics, one of the biggest stories of the year has been Lionel Messi’s announcement that he was no longer happy with the direction of his club,...

08 Dec

A promissory note is an unconditional promise in writing made by one person (the maker) to pay another person (the bearer) on demand or at a fixed or determinable future time, a specified or certain sum of money...