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03 Jul
Good Corporate Governance Matters When Investing

With the rise of  ‘start-up culture’, there has been much fascination with charismatic founders who seek to revolutionize and disrupt industries with their innovative products and services. It can be easy for prospective investors to get caught up...

21 Feb
Dissolving a Company: What does it mean and how is it done?

Many countries around the world continue to grapple with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has brought more than its fair share of challenges, Trinidad and Tobago (‘T&T’) being no exception. Private limited liability companies operating within...

26 Sep
The Role and Responsibilities of a Director

Holding a position as a director is typically sought after due, no doubt, to the purported esteem, perks and compensation.Under the Companies Act, shareholders of the company have the power to appoint its directors. Directors are appointed for...

22 Dec
Extension of Companies Registry Amnesty

By Legal Notice No. 406 of 2020, the amnesty granted by the Government with respect to late filing penalties imposed by the Companies Act, Chap. 81:01 has been extended from December 31, 2020 to March 31, 2021.For more...

08 Dec

For many persons, scheduling an annual medical has become a ritual. Similarly, checking the health of your company (be it an operating company, a non-operating holding company or one of a group of companies) should be regularly scheduled...

08 Dec

Much has been made in recent times about appointments of directors, resignations of directors and changes to various boards. A director, in relation to a Company, can be an individual or a body corporate and includes a person...

21 Mar
COVID-19 Legal Updates
We at Hamel-Smith recognize the unprecedented impact that Covid-19 is having to business and operations locally. The situation remains fluid, fast changing and challenging for all. We are striving to find ways to continue to keep you, our clients, up to date
16 Jun

THE COMPANIES (AMENDMENT) ACT 2019 IS NOW IN FORCE The Companies (Amendment) Act 2019 was proclaimed in its entirety as at 30th May 2019, by LN 112 dated 29th May 2019.  This Amendment Act serves to amend the Companies...